Secrets to Affordable Elevator Service Repair

Despite its simple appearance, your commercial elevator is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that needs regular maintenance to run correctly.  Eventually, though, even the best-kept elevator is going to break down occasionally. There exist several proactive things you can do to reduce the cost of repairing your commercial property elevators.

Room Elevator control. cable control in the building

Regular Maintenance

Just like with any piece of equipment, from cars to airplanes, an elevator needs routine maintenance to run properly. You can extend your elevator’s life, whether it carries passengers or freight, by having a professional perform regular service on your elevator. This service generally includes,

  • Cleaning, lubricating and testing the machine
  • Replacing your elevator’s worn-out jack packing
  • Modernizing your equipment to meet current codes.

Reputable Repairs

No matter how good your maintenance plan is, your elevator is going to break-down occasionally. When this happens, you want to know your commercial elevator repair company is qualified to fix your equipment. It’s important to research reputable elevator repair companies before you need one. This action gives you the time to perform due diligence on the company and ensure they can meet your needs before an emergency strikes.

When you are researching an elevator repair company, make sure they are capable of fixing issues that your make and model of elevator might encounter, such as,

  • Replacing oil lines of all sizes
  • Installing new power units
  • Fixing or replacing door restrictors
  • Examining electronic safety edges.

Due Diligence

Seeking out the right company to repair your commercial elevator before you need them is the best-kept secret to affordable elevator service and repair. By properly maintaining the elevators on your commercial properties, you can catch minor issues before they become major problems. When you check out an elevator repair company before disaster strikes, you can better determine if they fit your needs. This foresight on your part can save your company time and money when your elevator stops working at 3 AM. For a trusted elevator repair company in your area, contact Suncoast Elevator Company, Inc.

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