Promoting Passenger Safety Year-Round

Overcrowded elevator

No matter how many elevators your facility has, the safety of the passengers on your elevators should be your highest priority. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure you are taking the proper precautions to protect your passengers.

Provide Proper Training

Make sure all of your employees are trained on the appropriate use as well as the improper use of equipment. Employees who are not using the equipment correctly are going to pass on their bad habits to other employees and customers, so extensive safety training is paramount.

Foresee Seasonal Issues

In every business, there are likely seasons that are prone to heavy elevator traffic. To keep passengers protected, foresee any issues that tend to crop up during these times and take some extra precautions. For instance, a department store is likely to be busier toward the end of the year. In this instance, businesses might increase their staff during these times to compensate for the additional foot and elevator traffic.

Expect the Unexpected

Although there are some times of the year when you can anticipate some of the troubles you might run into, this is not always possible to do. Unfortunately, you need to expect the unexpected because accidents do happen. If your elevator shuts down or an entrapment occurs, your staff needs to be able to handle the situation with a level head. You should have a written plan for how to handle these situations to keep passengers and employees safe.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Once you have done everything you can to make sure your employees are trained on elevator safety and are prepared as much as they can be, you need to have a written plan for regular maintenance. Employees should have a regular schedule to monitor the elevators in your building. For more information on how to keep your business visitors and customers safe on your elevators, get on the phone with the team at Suncoast Elevator Company today- 305-690-0955.

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