Evaluating Elevator Modernization Plans


Tenants and visitors often encounter your building’s elevator only moments after they arrive at your lobby. Their initial impression has a psychological impact on them, either positive or negative, and that impression transfers to their overall thoughts and feelings about your building. As such, the choice to improve your elevator can have a large impact on current and potential clients/tenants. It is often a large part of the way they differentiate between the buildings as they view perspective offices.

Facility managers are tasked with evaluating the health of the elevator and whether modernization would make the building a more competitive property. Since modernization is a significant expenditure, it is important to analyze the equipment, the controls and the drive systems with an elevator professional before deciding. Planning for extensive repairs or modernization can not only enhance your property’s appeal, but it may help ensure its ability to maintain long term leases.

There are many critical points to cover when you discuss the changes to your elevator system. Here are a few to include:

  • 1. Should you install a destination-selection control system?
  • 2. How will the elevator modernization affect tenant security?
  • 3. Will the new system cut average elevator wait time in peak periods?
  • 4. How will the new structure improve your building’s marketability?
  • 5. Is a close-loop door operator needed?
  • 6. Will modernization upgrade components to satisfy safety code?

An initial evaluation of your building’s current elevator may include the ride quality, condition of major components and their remaining life, and ways to comply with current code requirements. The size and age of the building are considered, and after discussing the needs of your tenants, a plan can be formulated for your review.

Aesthetics are important to first impressions, and first impressions are what your building’s image is all about. A new elevator can help you retain old tenants, but as your building becomes more competitive, it may draw new tenants as well.

Contact the elevator experts at SunCoast Elevator today- 305-690-0955. They can answer your questions and help you design a modernization program perfect or your building.

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