Contemporary Elevator Cabs Boost Your Building’s Quality

Cab passenger lift mechanism and control buttons

A building’s elevators are an extension of the lobby. Their aesthetic contributes to the structure’s overall character. In corporate complexes, the elevator’s interior can also communicate a brand identity. Keeping elevator cabs looking clean and contemporary helps to preserve a building’s quality status, and if a lobby renovation is planned, it makes sense to continue the wow factor into the elevators. Renovation is also an opportunity to go greener and to remove potentially harmful materials such as products containing formaldehyde.

Choose Expert Installers

Since renovation does not include alterations to elevator mechanics, it may be tempting to hire an architect or interior designer to manage the project. But the materials that are used on the cab can have an impact on how the elevator operates. When you work with a licensed elevator contractor, you can be sure that the cab design will not compromise passenger safety and will meet building codes.

Get Budget Friendly Options

If your resources are limited, don’t rule out an update. Prefabricated laminate or stainless steel panels are readily available. You’ll get a clean, new look and you might save enough money to update some mechanical features.

Enjoy a Custom Look for Less

If you want to make a design statement but don’t have the bankroll for a full-blown custom job, pre-engineered elevator interior systems are an exciting option. These packages offer ease of installation plus a full range of unique material and design choices. Entry-level packages don’t cost much more than a standard cab update. Material choices range from laminate at the low end, to wood veneer, stainless steel and composite metals. The combination of wood veneer and stainless steel is a mid-range choice that will stand up to traffic and is always stylish.

 Make the Sky the Limit

Luxury condominiums and office buildings may require custom cab interiors to match other high-end design features. This is the most expensive option with the longest timeline for installation. Design and architecture fees may add to the overall cost.

No matter what style update you plan, you can expect expert advice from the professionals at SunCoast Elevator Company, Inc.- 305-690-0955.

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