4 Ways To Know Your Elevator Needs To Be Repaired


If you own a multi-story commercial building, then you know how important an elevator can be to clients. Whether they simply prefer not to use stairs or have trouble maneuvering up a staircase, many clients would rather use an elevator to move up and down stories of a building.

Because elevators are typically used a lot, it is essential to maintain them. If a lift needs to be repaired, you usually want to get it fixed as quickly as possible to avoid inconveniencing clients. Fortunately, you can usually get an elevator repaired before any lasting damage is done if you monitor them for the following four signs.

Uneven Stops

When an elevator stops at a certain level, the bottom of the lift should be even with the floor. If there is even a slight step up or down to get out of the elevator, then it needs to be looked at by a maintenance person.

Change in Speed

Most elevators travel quickly between levels of a building. For a few lifts, the reverse may be true and the elevator may naturally be slow due to age. However, a sudden change in speed is always a sign that the lift needs to be repaired. Elevators that travel too quickly can be dangerous, while ones that move slowly can be an inconvenience.

Strange Noises

The most obvious sign that an elevator needs to be repaired may be strange noises. If you hear loud thumping or clanging, something is likely wrong in the shaft itself and should be dealt with immediately.

Dusty Panel

Regular maintenance is undoubtedly the best way to keep an elevator working correctly. To inspect an elevator, a repairperson must open the control panel. A dusty panel is proof that it has not been inspected in quite a while. There is a high possibility that the elevator will need to be repaired if it hasn’t been maintained properly.

Monitoring a lift for any sudden changes is the best way to know if it needs to be repaired. For all of your elevator needs, contact Suncoast Elevator Company, Inc. today – 305-690-0955.

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