Elevator Cab Options

Property management professionals looking to upgrade their elevator system will want to consider the cab options while in the planning phase. Many are now considering customizable pre-engineered systems for the interior design. In addition to getting the look you want, this decision can also help to reduce maintenance costs further down the line.

Elevator Cab Material Choices
The main choice that you will need to make is the material that you prefer. Following are some of the possibilities that you can choose from:

  • Stainless steel: Steel is extremely durable and low-maintenance. Rather than the classic elevator panels, they can also be configured in textured patterns that will look nicer and can help hide wear and tear. Finishes can even help to strengthen the steel. It’s easy to clean, hygienic and long-lasting.
  • Wood veneers: Using resin-hardened types of wood will result in a surface that is more resistant to scratches and abrasions.
  • Laminates: A more budget friendly option, these can be gotten in every color as well as made to look like wood. It’s a better lower cost choice than carpeting or cloth, as it will last longer and not retain odors.
  • Composite metals: A combination of metal and polymer, they are both rugged and provide a surface for your elevator interior that is highly detailed and sculptured.
  • Combinations: One can also choose to combine materials using them to their best advantage. For example, use stainless steel for the areas that get the most impact such as handrails and kick plates but wood for upper panels, making the look warmer.

Additional Considerations
When discussing your choices, you’ll want to make sure what is included in the package, as well as what you will need that is not. Review how emergency features will be accommodated. Always ask about installation, warranties, and availability of materials for repair or replacement.

Upgrading elevators gives property management the opportunity to improve the look of the building while reducing future maintenance costs. It’s a decision that has many facets to it so it’s a good idea to take the time for a thorough consultation. SunCoast Elevator Company’s team of professionals can discuss your next elevator project in detail. Contact our team at SunCoast Elevators at (305) 690-0955.

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