How the Elevator Propelled America’s Development Forward

We take elevators for granted- simply gliding up and down several stories in a few seconds. Imagine what life would be like without this convenience. We might get a taste of pre-elevator days when there is an occasional outage and we need to take the stairs, but the development and history of the elevator are not something that many people think about.


The Origins of the Elevator

Elevators first made a major appearance in the 1860s in luxury hotels.  They were considered to be movable rooms for the wealthy. These were not small boxes. Rather, they were actual rooms with elegant furnishings.

In the 1870s, the first elevators appeared in office buildings. They quickly became commonplace in large cities that had to transport large populations quickly. The development of the elevator changed architecture for ever, as designers aspired to new heights. When hydraulic elevators were eclipsed by electric varieties around 1900, architects set their sights even higher.


Iconic Skylines

The skyline of our cities would be unrecognizable without the invention of elevators. If you look at pictures of cities from the 19th century, you’ll notice that the buildings were rather short. There would be no great skyscrapers without the elevator. Cities would be quite flat and would not be able to accommodate large populations. The elevator museum in Queens traces the development of the elevator through every phase and takes its visitors through the history of the device.


The Social Element of Elevators

Elevators brought people in close quarters with each other in a way that is still uncomfortable for many people. Comportment in an elevator was the subject of etiquette books, and many people are still unsure whether to start a conversation or not with complete strangers riding in the box with them. The positive side is that the elevator has brought people together through the years and has taken them where they have needed to go.

Elevators continue to evolve. Cab interiors can be made more beautiful and spacious than ever.

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