An Even Better Way to Take the Elevator?


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An elevator is a safe method of navigating tall buildings. However, passenger error can often lead to frustration and even result in safety issues. In order to ensure your building’s elevators run smoothly, you have to make sure passengers understand how to operate them. Posting some helpful tips can be a good way to do just that. Generally, you’ll want to focus on etiquette and emergency situations.



Know Proper Etiquette

There are plenty of common rules that people should observe when riding an elevator. It is important that passengers keep the following in mind:


  • Only push the call button one time
  • Allow passengers to exit before getting in
  • Don’t get into a packed car; wait for the next one
  • Don’t stop doors from closing except by using the button inside the car
  • Push your floor button and move to the back
  • Pay attention for your floor and exit quickly


Observing these tips will allow passengers to have a pleasant experience and avoid trouble between riders. In addition, following these tips will allow things to operate smoothly.


Know What to do in an Emergency

Emergency situations can pop up at any time. Being stuck inside an elevator can be scary when this happens. To reduce panic and remedy the situation quickly, it’s imperative passengers know what to do in an emergency situation. Here are some rules to follow:


  • Take the stairs in any emergency situation
  • Stay calm and avoid panicking
  • Alert emergency personnel using the proper buttons inside the elevator
  • Do not try to leave the car without help from emergency personnel


Elevators are actually very safe when maintained and operated properly. Regular use with passengers obeying standard rules should ensure everyone has a peaceful and safe ride. However, issues can happen, and it can be very frustrating to be stuck inside an elevator. So, passengers should be made aware of how to react in an emergency.

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