3 Ways an Elevator Access Control System Improves Your Building Security

keypad for access control

Elevator security can be a cumbersome part of maintaining a secure building. Between lost keys, staffing changes, and multi-level security requirements, there’s so much that can go wrong and cause a security breach. An Elevator Access Control system provides clear solutions to these problems and helps keep your building secure.

  1. No More Lost Keys

People lose their keys all the time, and every time an employee loses a building key, it carries the potential for security hazards. This can require expensive security updates, such as changing locks and reissuing new keys to everyone in the company. With Elevator Access Control systems, a proximity-sensing device reads a code from an ID card, key fob, or other identifying item to allow access to the appropriate floor. These items can then be simply removed from the access system if lost, and a new one can be issued to the employee, eliminating the security risk.

  1. Multi-Level Access

When you have employees who require access to more than one floor, coordinating an old-fashioned key system can be a nightmare. Either your employees must carry multiple keys to grant them access to each floor, or you must create key systems where one key works in multiple locks, which creates the potential for security breaches. With an Elevator Access Control system, a single card or fob containing an identifying proximity sensor can be programmed to unlock any combination of floors for customized access. They can also be programmed only to work at certain times, to avoid unauthorized access during non-operating hours.

  1. Making Staffing Changes Easier

When an employee leaves or is removed from the company, it can be a hassle to get their keys back. Although they may never intend to use them, this can still produce a security breach. With the Elevator Access Control system, you can just remove their identifying device from the system, just as you would with a lost device.

Elevator Access Control systems make it much easier and cheaper to keep your building secure. If you think this might be right for your building, contact SunCoast Elevator to discuss available options- call us at 305-690-0955 or send an email to luis@suncoastelevators.net.

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