Why Buildings With Residential Elevators Attract More Renters

City dwellers off all kinds often consider spending a little extra for convenient living. Top to bottom and bottom to top, elevator efficiency remains of paramount concern. Whether you manage suites for the affluent, a helpful home for residents in need, or anything in between, read on to learn more about how a quality elevator system raises the quality of life in your urban building.


Mobility, Access, and Concerns for the Elderly and Infirm

A reliable elevator is more than just a box that moves people from floor to floor. For many people it is essential. Those with disabilities or mobility-related conditions are reliant on lift services. And elevators go beyond the day to day. Moving in, carrying heavy packages and escorting visitors can be dangerous or impossible via the stairs.


Making Moving Manageable

Even able-bodied individuals can find the move-in process tiring and difficult. Apartment buildings and high rises with daunting heights are better able to attract new tenants when reliable elevator systems make move-in easy. A reliable lift makes it relatively effortless to transport mounds of books, heavy furniture pieces, and other prized possessions.


Deciding Factor

Today, tenants are faced with so many options in the multi-family residence market. Considering budgets and busy lifestyles, their choice often comes down to the smallest differences between one complex and the next. “Americans work 50 percent more than the Germans, the French and the Italians.” According to research in the Journal of Happiness StudiesA reliable elevator system is a standout feature that will also increase the value of your building.


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