Looking For Adventure? Jump on One of These Elevators

Asian earth globe in the middle elevator as vertical transport concept illustration

Located across the globe, each of these elevators is its own brand of entertainment. They boast wondrous scenery, futuristic technology and aerial thrills.

1. Bailong Elevator, Hunan, China
Imagine being whisked up the side of a cliff in two minutes. The Bailong Elevator’s glass cabs offer a panoramic view of the surrounding national park.

2. The Falkirk Wheel, Falkirk, Scotland
The Falkirk Wheel joins the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. Each of its two gondolas holds up to 4 canal boats.

3. Aquadom, Berlin, Germany
An elevator running through the center of the Radisson Blu’s Aquadom puts visitors up close and personal with almost 100 species of salt water fish.

4. Lloyd’s Building, London, England
Glass elevator cabs, located on the outside of the Lloyd’s Building, offer a birds-eye view of historic London attractions.

5. Long Island Business Center, New York City, USA
When the Business Center’s nondescript elevator doors open, you might think twice about getting in. A grinning dragon, painted in shades of orange and green, welcomes you to its lair.

6. Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand
The 40-second ride to the Sky Tower Observation Deck is almost like being shot out of a cannon. Harbor views distract from the ground disappearing beneath your feet.

7. Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan
This elevator is a speed demon that travels 40 miles per hour to arrive at the 89th-floor observatory.

8. Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart, Germany
Reminiscent of space capsules, bullet-shaped pods provide a futuristic ride in keeping with the museum’s unique architecture.

9. Louvre Elevator, Paris, France
An open-topped, hydraulic platform carries visitors smoothly into and out of the Louvre.

10. Globen SkyView, Stockholm, Sweden
Round glass gondolas ferry SkyView visitors on a 20-minute tour of the circumference of the hemispherical building.

11. Umeda Hankyu Building, Osaka, Japan
The colossus of elevators, these huge cabs can carry up to 80 passengers or 5 tons of weight.

12. The Rising Tide, MS Oasis of the Seas
Enjoy a cocktail in the elevator/bar while you travel from deck to deck on the world’s largest cruise ship.

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