Invest in the Right Elevator for Your Commercial Property

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Building owners often strive to strike a balance between features and value when selecting elevators for commercial and multi-family residential properties. A variety of elevator models and styles are available at a range of prices. The purchase price and operational costs of two of the most common types of elevators, hydraulic and traction, may differ considerably.

Affordable Hydraulic Elevators
If the initial purchase price is a major factor, you might consider an in-ground hydraulic elevator. The hydraulic jack on these models is located underground and is installed with a PVC liner to prevent oil contamination. A twin jack hole less passenger model offers more structural stability and does not run the risk of oil contamination beneath your building. Even though hydraulic elevators cost less up front, these models can use up to thirty times more electricity than traction elevators.

Efficient Traction Elevators
Traction elevators are more expensive than hydraulic models, but energy savings over time can help to offset their initial cost. The motors in traction elevators only engage to overcome friction or in instances where the cab weight and counterweight are not equal. Newer traction elevators with alternating current (AC) drive units are even more efficient than models with direct current (DC) drives. Climate conditioning and lighting may use more energy than the elevator itself, and these costs can be minimized with timers or sensors. Investing in traction elevators can lead to significant savings over the course of their operational life.

Maintenance and Repair Costs
Keep in mind that installing and operating an elevator requires several stages of investment. Factor in these costs when selecting a model for your building. Remember that regular maintenance can help you to get the best value over the operational life of elevator equipment. No matter which elevator model you choose, rely on the licensed professionals at SunCoast Elevator for all of your elevator needs. Call us at 305-690-0955.

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