How to Pick the Right Elevator Cab Interior

Elevator interiors come in different styles and materials because commercial properties have different needs. Whether your property is an apartment complex, hospital or office complex, you want your elevator interiors to match the style of the building. There are several factors to consider when setting out to choose the interiors for your elevator cabs.

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1. Maintenance. Keep in mind the location of the elevator when you select the interior. An elevator that is out of the way could be harder for maintenance crews to reach. This difficulty could result in the need for an easier to clean interior than an elevator in a more central location.

2. Traffic Volume. When selecting your cab interiors, it’s important to know how many people use the given elevator. An interior that works well for three or four passengers at a time might not stand up to higher passenger densities.

3. Elevator User. Who is using the elevator? While a simple interior might be suitable for elevators that only see employee traffic if your clients use the cab then you should consider a more ornate interior.

4. Replacement/Refinishing. While you don’t want to think about replacing or refinishing the cab of your elevators, you can make it easier by picking the right interior. The decisions you make now can make your life easier down the road.

5. Building Style. You want to choose an elevator cab interior that matches your building’s style. Even though your clients might not spend much time in the elevator, outside of the lobby, it makes the biggest impression on them. Make sure it’s a good one.

When you choose the elevator cab interior for your commercial property, you are making a statement about the building. By taking the time to consider who uses your elevator and why you can make a more informed decision about the best interior for that location. For a skilled elevator company that can help you with this important choice, contact Suncoast Elevator.

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