How To Keep Your Building’s Elevator in Shape

As a commercial building owner or manager, an important part of your job is to ensure that the building’s amenities are working well for your residents or tenants. In buildings with one or more elevators, this becomes especially critical. Residents or tenants who live or work on higher floors will have a world of complaints if their elevator is slow, inefficient, or breaks down. Beyond these service inconveniences, one of the chief considerations you want to be sure you have covered at all times is to make sure that the elevators are safe.

It’s important to understand how often your elevators should be checked for preventative maintenance. This can be an easy job when you partner with the right elevator maintenance company to keep your building’s elevator working properly and safely over the years.

Prevention To Avoid Problems

Your building’s elevator needs have regular check ups to ensure its overall fitness and to prevent problems before they occur. Knowing how often to call in an elevator maintenance company is one of the first steps in preventative maintenance. Do you know whether the elevator or elevators in your building are hydraulic or traction? Traction elevators, which use a system of ropes and pulleys, are the most common type. They usually require maintenance once a month, or 12 visits a year on average. Hydraulic elevators, on the other hand, use a system powered by a piston inside a cylinder. These are generally used for larger buildings with at least six stories. These elevators usually require maintenance visits about once each quarter, or an average of four times per year.


Partner With a Professional

Having a good working partnership with a professional elevator maintenance company that regularly checks and services your building’s elevator is the best way to keep the elevator operating smoothly year after year. Miami and Gainesville property managers, facilities managers and owners trust SunCoast Elevator Co. Give our experienced team a call at (305) 690-0955.

Our family-owned and operated business brings decades of experience and a personalized touch to every client and every project in the Miami and Gainesville regions we serve.

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