Elevator Maintenance 101 for Property Managers

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When managing a commercial property, between all the regular maintenance tasks, it can be easy to take your elevator maintenance for granted. Keeping your building’s elevators in good condition leads to fewer problems and happier tenants. Follow these simple tips to keep your elevators in tip-top shape.

Annual Inspection

One of the most important ways you can keep your elevator up-to-date is by scheduling annual inspections. A qualified elevator inspector will come in and ensure that all major elements of your elevators are in good condition, including:

  • On-board lighting
  • Emergency operations such as fire recall
  • Wear and tear on elevator cables
  • Door function
  • Motor equipment

Ensure that any noted problems are fixed promptly by a qualified elevator technician. Additionally, pay special attention to those areas in the future to avoid seeing the same issues come up in later inspections.

Regular Maintenance

In addition to your annual inspections, it’s important to regularly check and maintain the elevators. Look for potential issues such as jerky or vibrating motion, longer wait times due to slow operation, and failure to properly align with the floor. Although these may seem like minor annoyances, they can actually be symptoms of larger problems that can lead to more serious failures in the future.

Weight Limits

It’s also important to keep elevator weight limits posted in highly visible areas and ensure that they are enforced. Failure to comply with the weight limit for which the car was designed can lead to catastrophic failure, including potentially fatal accidents. Encourage tenants moving heavy equipment or furniture to take multiple trips to avoid overloading the elevator. If you’re aware of a big move in advance, get the elevator serviced beforehand to make sure it’s in optimal shape.

A poorly maintained elevator can reflect badly on you as the building manager, but if you ensure that it’s maintained regularly, your tenants will be grateful. For more information on maintaining your commercial elevator, or to schedule an inspection, contact SunCoast Elevators.

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