Are You Experiencing Summertime Elevator Troubles?

As temperatures rise, elevators can react adversely to the heat. Skilled technicians can fix malfunctioning elevators, but business owners may be able to avoid unexpected downtime by taking a few proactive steps to protect these valuable assets in their commercial or multi-family residential properties. Here are three ways to keep elevators functional all summer long.

Keep Machine Rooms Cool

It is a good idea to try to protect your core elevator machinery from extreme variations in temperature. Ideal ambient operating temperatures for machine rooms range from 55 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Various types of elevators may respond differently to excessive heat. Newer programmable logic or microprocessor-based control systems are actually more prone to heat-related malfunctions than older mechanical models. Hydraulic elevators can also run the risk of control valve malfunctions. Regardless of the type of elevator, building owners should try to ensure that machine rooms are temperature controlled to maintain elevator functions all year round.

Protect Against Brown-Outs and Surges

 Voltage reductions can wreak havoc on elevators. Brownouts may occur more frequently when power grids are maxed out by air conditioning usage. These common occurrences can result in blown elevator fuses or damaged motors. Surges of current could also damage elevator control systems and machinery. Ask a licensed elevator maintenance provider about devices or other solutions that could protect your investment by shielding your elevator equipment from power irregularities.

Schedule Regular Elevator Maintenance

 Tenants rely on elevators every day and may only realize how important these features of your building really are during downtime for repairs. Regular elevator maintenance can help to reduce the likelihood of long unexpected down times for repairs when problems arise. No matter the season, SunCoast Elevator has more than 35 years of experience installing and repairing elevators across the state of Florida and can help you keep these machines functioning at full capacity all year round. 305-690-0955

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