3 Tips for Evaluating the Performance of Your Elevator System


Having a reliable and working elevator in your building is an excellent investment, an often-required accommodation, and a convenience for your tenants. Over time, it is necessary to replace, update, and modify your system to maintain safety and functionality. Factors like your building’s age, the frequency with which your system is used, and the age of your system can all contribute to the changes that will need to be made. As you work to identify which components need to be modified, consider these three tips.


  1. Equipment Function


The first thing you should look at is the function of your system. Does it operate smoothly? Have there been any recent incidents where the system malfunctioned? Are repair and maintenance schedules up-to-date? The following pieces of equipment and machinery should be looked at as well:


  • Hoist machine
  • Cab
  • Cables and pulleys


  1. Condition of Cab Interior


Throughout the years, your cab’s interior is going to become outdated and dirty. Updating the visual appeal of this interior component can do a great deal in maintaining property value and helping your tenants feel comfortable. That being said, certain updates to the style and modernity of the inside of the cab can affect components outside of the cab. For this reason, you will want to carefully evaluate the kinds of updates you wish to complete to make sure they are complementary to the existing structure of your system.


  1. Professional Inspection


Trying to identify which parts of your lift system need to be modified to reflect changes in local codes, your building’s age, and your system’s efficiency, can be difficult. Fortunately, professionals who are experienced with inspecting this type of equipment can provide you with knowledgeable insight so you don’t have to replace any more than is necessary. Additionally, they can help you with repairs and modifications so you don’t have to do it by yourself.


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