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3 Ways an Elevator Access Control System Improves Your Building Security

Elevator security can be a cumbersome part of maintaining a secure building. Between lost keys, staffing changes, and multi-level security requirements, there’s so much that can go wrong and cause a security breach. An Elevator Access Control system provides clear

Elevator Maintenance 101 for Property Managers

              When managing a commercial property, between all the regular maintenance tasks, it can be easy to take your elevator maintenance for granted. Keeping your building’s elevators in good condition leads to fewer problems

Secrets to Affordable Elevator Service Repair

Despite its simple appearance, your commercial elevator is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that needs regular maintenance to run correctly.  Eventually, though, even the best-kept elevator is going to break down occasionally. There exist several proactive things you can do

How to Pick the Right Elevator Cab Interior

Elevator interiors come in different styles and materials because commercial properties have different needs. Whether your property is an apartment complex, hospital or office complex, you want your elevator interiors to match the style of the building. There are several

How to Protect Your Elevators During Flooding

When extreme weather hits, building owners rightfully make sure windows are closed and doors are secured. Property owners and managers often have lists of actions to take should the situation warrant more action. However, elevator pits are often overlooked. These

Contemporary Elevator Cabs Boost Your Building’s Quality

A building’s elevators are an extension of the lobby. Their aesthetic contributes to the structure’s overall character. In corporate complexes, the elevator’s interior can also communicate a brand identity. Keeping elevator cabs looking clean and contemporary helps to preserve a

Looking For Adventure? Jump on One of These Elevators

Located across the globe, each of these elevators is its own brand of entertainment. They boast wondrous scenery, futuristic technology and aerial thrills. 1. Bailong Elevator, Hunan, China Imagine being whisked up the side of a cliff in two minutes.

Does Your Elevator Require Maintenance or Modernization?

Little thought goes into the mechanics of lifting and lowering elevators in apartment buildings or huge high-rises. These essential amenities are often taken for granted, but they are not a simple convenience that goes up and down so that people

Evaluating Elevator Modernization Plans

Tenants and visitors often encounter your building’s elevator only moments after they arrive at your lobby. Their initial impression has a psychological impact on them, either positive or negative, and that impression transfers to their overall thoughts and feelings about

Promoting Passenger Safety Year-Round

No matter how many elevators your facility has, the safety of the passengers on your elevators should be your highest priority. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure you are taking the proper precautions to protect